Best Bookish Apps

There are a lot of book based apps around, from easily accessing a book within seconds to sharing your love for that book socially. Here’s a quick rundown of the best (in our opinion) book apps currently available. If you love books and you have a compatible device, we highly recommend you search and find these!


If you have a library card, you should have access to Libby/Overdrive as well. Libby is actually an upgraded version of Overdrive, but you can use either (or both!). They both allow you to connect to your local library and borrow content digitally!

Libby is only available as an app and only stocks ebooks and audiobooks. With Overdrive, you can access the site on a computer and besides books you can also check out magazines and movies digitally!

The only downside is that you can only check out a book if your library has enough copies available – just like with a physical book. So popular books do sometimes have a long wait time. Overdrive also lets you request ebooks from your library if the title you want to check out isn’t available. They will even notify you if they end up purchasing a copy!


Hoopla is another library based borrowing program. It’s available as an app but can also be accessed on a computer. With hoopla, you have access to ebooks, audiobooks, graphic novels, movies, tv shows and even music. Best of all – there’s no line! Content is available to be borrowed 24/7 and you don’t have to worry about there being enough copies available for everyone.

The only limitations are that you are only allowed to borrow 10 items a month and the selection might not be as big. However, I have found plenty to add to my wishlist – especially when you add in the ability to instantly check out graphic novels!


Scribd is a subscription based service ($8.99/month at the time of this post) that gives you access to ebooks, audiobooks, and even some magazines. You have no limit on how many books you can check out each month. This option is great for people who loves audiobooks, as their audiobook catalog is pretty vast. In fact, most popular novels are available more readily as audiobooks than ebooks!


Audible is Amazon’s audiobook program. It’s a subscription based model (you pay a monthly fee) but you receive credits that you use to purchase books outright. Even if you cancel your membership, you still keep access to the audiobooks you bought!

The monthly fee if $14.95, which nets you one credit. However, you can downgrade to the “silver” option which switches you every other month. This is great if you’ve built up a backlog of audiobooks or just don’t see the need to buy one every month.

On the surface, Audible doesn’t seem like a great idea. If you look further, it’s actually a good option for the audiobook lover. As a member, you also get 2 free audiobooks a month from a selection of Amazon Originals. There are some popular series that are not available as audiobooks anywhere else but Audible and the regularly run sales events. One of the most popular ones I’ve seen is the 3 audiobooks for 2 credits.

Audible also allows you to return an audiobook for a credit if it just didn’t suit you – or you found yourself never listening to it in the first place. As a bonus, if you’re a romance lover there is a romance package available. $6.95/month lets you binge on all the romance audiobooks you want!


If you’re a fan of a book, author, or series then chances are you have heard of this site. Goodreads is basically the closest thing to a bookish social media. It’s a great place to keep a digital “library” of books you’ve read, want to read and are currently reading! Not only that, you can connect with your friends to see what they’re reading as well.

A lot of authors also participate through Goodreads and publishers can also hosts giveaways or author events. You can also find information on upcoming releases month by month and by genre.

These are book apps you’ll find on our phones (or bookmarked on computers) but there are many more out there! Any that you love that you feel that we should check out? Feel free to drop us a comment and we’ll check them out! is an honorable mention, as I just found out about it recently so can’t give a detailed review (yet!). This is another audiobook service but the upside of this is that your membership supports your local bookstore! It’s $14.99/month for one audiobook. At the time of this post, is having a special where you can get three ebooks for $14.99 by signing up. This is a great option for anyone who wants an audiobook membership to make them more affordable but would rather support their local bookstore!

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